What is The Work ?

"Question your thinking, change the world" Byron Katie

The Work involves identifying and questioning the beliefs or thoughts you have about others that are causing stress in your life and then writing them down.  

All you need to do The Work, is a pen and paper and an open mind.  

 To write down your thoughts there is a specially designed form that helps you capture your stressful thinking and it's called a  Judge Your Neighbour worksheet. Which can be downloaded from www.thework.com.  

Then by asking the four questions of The Work and finding turnarounds to each of your thoughts about that person (or situation) you find a way of experiencing freedom beyond belief.  

 The Work is not a teaching; it is inquiry and an invitation to find for yourself what is true for you. Thousands of people all over the world are using this inquiry to radically change their lives around.

This diagram gives you an indication of which area of your live you could choose to focus.  The area of your life that is causing you the most stress.  Once the stress in that area is removed through this radically simply process you will find your life literally turned around.

I have used The Work people who are suffering with all sorts of stressful thinking about family, friends, important relationships, children and other loved ones, fear about the future, panic about money, health or work, business, finances. Insomnia, panic attacks, eating problems and addictions are all issues that can be addressed through The Work.   I've worked with people with a mental health diagnosis including OCD, panic disorders, phobias, Bipolar and other forms of depression.  Through The Work a kinder and gentler understanding of your situation can emerge, peace can arise and on the other side of inquiry I notice  for many of my clients there is often a lot of joy and laughter.
 There is lots more information about The Work of Byron Katie at www.thework.com, where you can watch videos of Byron Katie herself, download the Judge Your Neighbour worksheet and other materials  and discover more about the work and find a certified facilitator in your area visit the certified facilitators page