businesses and organizations

What is the work you do?  What is the work that your organization does? 

Is it meaningful?  Does it make sense? 

Are you motivated and do you feel connected to your work, your team and your purpose? 

Or does your organization or business keep trying to solve the problems facing it, only to be faced with more and more problems?  Do you keep trying to change things and end up back in the same place you started? 

Transformation and Change

  There is a radical new approach where you discover what is working well for you, then you simply build from those strengths, accentuate the positive rather than focusing on the negative.  Using Appreciative Inquiry (AI) interviews and the whole (AI) system approach I can support your business or organization to shift focus in a dramatic way.

Communication Skills - Giving and Receiving Feedback

If you did an analysis of your business or organization and the current communication styles and systems what would you discover ?  At the heart of every good business or organization are good communication skills.  A well operating business is where everybody knows how to give feedback, stays current with topics, knows where to go with information,  keeps in good relationship with each other,  with teams, with management and with external suppliers and clients. What's the communication culture in your business?   I am skilled at supporting businesses and organizations get a better handle on their interpersonal communication skills and policies, including appraisals, feedback sessions and constructive evaluations. 


What is your management structure? Do you have a hierarchy ?  How inclusive are you when implementing change?  Change management procedures using Dynamic Self-governance (sociocracy) helps your business or organization keep everyone included, involves setting up structures and procedures for highly inclusive management strategies.  Your organization can move from and "us and them" culture of management and employees to a "we are" collective and collaborative force, whilst still retaining the knowledge of who is in charge, where the decision making power rests.


How effective are you as a leader?  Be it of your team, your whole business or organization?   I also use as the rock bed of my work - The Work of Byron Katie -  with leaders and team leaders of any business or organization to examine stressful thoughts, blocks or beliefs that are preventing them from moving forward.  You are invited to question what is stopping you from being the leader you want to be, a leader in the 21st century that leads with heart, soul and passion. 

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